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Setting the Site Background Images

Menu Path: Settings >> Colors, Fonts, and Backgrounds

Background images can be set for the left navigation and site pages by uploading custom images or selecting from standard images.

You can set background images using thse steps:

1) Log into the Administration section

2) Click the Settings menu

3) Click on Colors, Fonts, and Backgrounds

4) Scroll Down to the Content Area Background (main background) and Leftside Background (behind the menus on the left side) areas

5) Upload an image in either area via the green upload icon next to "Uploaded Image" or choose a stock image that we have available. You can also set a Content Area Background to repeat.

6) Click the save button

Note 1: You must first upload any custom image on the File Manager admin page for it to appear in the dropdown box.

Note 2: Typically, an image will not be large enough to cover your entire background. An image of about 1024x1024 pixels should cover the background for most browser windows. If you are going to upload a large image like this, you would want to go to the File Manager menu in your administration section. There, when uploading your file in the upload window, you would want to un-check the box to "Reduce Large Images" so that the file is uploaded to the exact size you had it as and is not optimized by our imaging software.

Please be aware, however, that an image of that size could be a fairly large file and might slow down the loading and display of your site.
We generally recommend to use a smaller background image and set it to repeat. Then, your image will appear multiple times across the background of your site but will cover the entire space. If this is just a solid color, you should not notice that it is the same image repeated.