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Uploading Team Rosters

Player rosters can be imported into your site using a properly formatted file.

All data should be in text, comma separated format (.TXT or .CSV). You can create these easily in Excel, then save as CSV. Each player is listed on a separate line, and each line must contain the following information:

First Name or Initial
Last Name or Initial
Division Name (should match info on site)
Team Name (should match info on site)
Optionally, you can also include:

Birthdate (m/d/y)
Uniform Number (nn)
Height (nn-nn)
Weight (nn-nn)
Grade (nn)
Email Address

It can also be helpful to include a header row to clarify what each column is. The data can be in any order but the Team and Division data should match the data on your site EXACTLY or a new record will be created for that item. For example, if you specify the Team Name as "Yanks" in your file but it is called "Yankees" on your site, a new team called "Yanks" will be created.

A sample Roster file in .TXT format would look like this:

First, Last, Birthday, Division, Team
John, Smith, 5/1/2004, Majors, Yankees
Peter, Jackson, 8/14/2006, Majors, Red Sox

Sam, Norris, 7/23/2008, Minors, Orioles