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Setting the Standings Criteria

You can set the standings criteria that will be used on your site using these steps:

1) Log into the Administration section
2) Click on Game Results (Stats)
3) Click on Standings Settings
4) Select your Standings method to "Auto" to have standings calculated automatically based upon the criteria you use
5) Drag/drop the standings options you want to use to the "Active Tiebreakers" column in the order you want them to be calculated in for your standings. You can leave any unused options in the "Inactive Tiebreakers" column.
6) Choose whether to have Ties included in your Winning Percentage
7) Choose whether to display the Standings Criteria you set on your Standings page for your site visitors to see
8) If you are using Points for Wins, Ties, and Losses, enter those values
9) Choose the Column Headings you want to display on your Standings page
10) Click Save