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Setting Search Engine Keywords

Before submitting a site to search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) You must set up your site keywords. The information entered will help your members find your site on the search engines.

You can do this by going to Settings - Search Engines in you site admin section. Further instructions are below.

There are 3 fields available:

Site Title:
This should match your Title tag exactly. You will get far better results if what you submit to Search Engines and what is on your page matches. Choose something short (15 words or less) and descriptive.

Site Description:
Your Web site description should be around 20 words summary of the content of your site. This description should contain some of the keywords and be sure to avoid marketing language. Example of Description: "A youth sports organization offering baseball and softball to children ages 5 to 15."

Site Keywords:

These Keywords should be those words or phrases that you think people will use when trying to look for a site like yours on search engines

You can set your search engine keywords using these steps:

1) Log into the Administration section

2) Click the Site Options menu

3) Click on the Search Engine Settings link

4) Enter your information in the boxes provided

5) Click the Save Button