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Setting Up Text Alerts

If your site has been upgraded to LeagueLineup Pro or Elite, our Text Alert feature has been enabled on your site. All text alerts will need to be opt-in by your members. They will need to subscribe to your alerts and validate their email address and phone numbers.

Set Up your Alert Groups:
1. Click on the Alerts menu in the administration section of your site
2. Click the "+ NewAlert Group" button
3. Enter the Title and Description of the alert group and make sure Active is enabled.

Set Up your "From" text name & Alert Graphics on the Site:
1. Click on the Alerts menu
2. Click on the "Settings" button
3. Choose your "from" name that will appear when members receive your alert messages sent from the site
4. Choose where to display promotion graphics for your alerts feature on the site for members to click on and subscribe

Have Your Members Subscribe to these Alerts:
1. They must have a verified MyLeagueLineup Account. They can register for a free account via the "My Account" box on your site or by clicking on the promotion graphics you set up for your alerts.
2. Once the account is verified, they can log in in either of the above places on your site and click on the "Communications" tab within their MyLeagueLineup account.
3. They can click on "Manage Phones" and then "Add New Phone"
4. They can add their phone number and carrier. A validation code will then be sent to them via text. They will need
to enter the validation code for each phone they add to validate the phone number.
5. Once their phones have been added, they can go back to the "Communications" tab and then on "Text Alerts".
6. They can then select any Alert Groups that display to subscribe to them
7. They can click the "Save" button to complete the task.

Send Alerts
Once you have at least one member subscribed with at least one active phone you'll be able to send a message using the "Send" link next to your alert group on the Alerts admin page. When you click on this, you can create your message and then click on "Send Message". It will go out to all who have subscribed.