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Multiple Photo Upload Feature

If your site has been upgraded to LeagueLineup Pro, you can upload multiple Photos at a time on the File Manager Administration page.

You can upload your photos and place them directly into any selected Photo Album using these steps:

1) Log into the Administration Section
2) Select the File Manager menu
3) Select the Photos tab
4) Click on the Upload button (a new window will pop up)
5) You can select the your photo album you'd like to upload your pictures to by selecting it from the drop down window underneath the text that states: "Add photos to album"
6) Click on Browse to select the files from your computer
7) Click the Upload button to add the selected files to your site and photo album

Note: If you have photos that are a specific size and do not want to use our image optimization software, please be sure to un-check the box next to "Reduce large images" in the pop window that appears when you initially go to upload the photos to your site.