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Working with Schedule Settings

When adding or editing schedules, there are several settings available to determine how the schedule is displayed on the site.

You can set the schedule settings, using these steps:

1) Log into the Administration section

2) Click the Schedules menu

3) Click on the Games/Practices link

3) Click the Settings link

4) Edit the appropriate settings (descriptions of each can be found below)

5) Click the Save button

Some of the settings available are:

Allow Interdivisional Games: Enable this field to allow scheduling of games between teams in different divisions/leagues.

Display Completed Games: Check this box if you want completed games to remain on your Schedule page.

Display Past Games/Practices: This setting determines whether games and practices are displayed on the Schedules page after their scheduled date has past.

Display End Times on Schedules: Enable this field to display entered end times for games/practices on your Schedules page and the Upcoming Games section of the Welcome page.

Display Game Result Link on Schedules: Enable this field to display a link to the game results (boxscore) for completed games on the Schedules page of your site.

Display Schedules on Calendar: You can select a calendar from the drop down menu that will display all schedules from all divisions on your site on that given calendar.

Default Schedule View: On the Schedules page of the site, you can choose whether the Venue or Officials (if you have entered them) will display on that page by default.