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Guidelines for the Registration System

In order to register, your members will create an account with your organization (via a MyLeagueLineup account). They can do this via the "My Account" button/link on sites on LeagueLineup.com . This will allow them to register each season through their account so they don't have to re-enter all their contact information each time. Also, they can maintain their communication preferences with your organization (email lists, text alerts, etc) through their account.

To get started, click on the "Registration System" button and complete each tab under the "Setup" section.

This is the title and description of your registration, open & close dates and messages to your registrants.

Enable online and/or offline payments, early registration discounts, late fees, multiple participant discounts and Family/Group Fees

Setup a record for each program you intend to offer (ie. Boys & Girls Farm, Boys Rookies, Boys American, Girls Pony Tails, Girls Gidgets, etc.) . You can setup restrictions by birthdate, grade, gender, Zip Codes and set a limit for each program for the number of players that canregister.

Coupon Codes
This allows you to setup codes to enter during registration for other discounts.

The next 5 tabs relate directly to what your registrants see as they register. Each of these tabs, if enabled, will be displayed to your registrants. Some have default fields that you do not need to add manually.

Default fields are First Name, Last Name, Email, Street, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Primary Phone, Secondary Phone and Relationship to Participants.. You can add other fields that each parent/contact should enter during registration.

Default fields are First Name, Last Name, Gender, Grade, Birthdate, Email, Street, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Primary Phone and Secondary Phone. You can add other fields such as Shirt Size, Uniform #, etc, that each player will enter during registration.

Create a list of volunteer opportunities such as Snack Shack coordinator, Field Maintenance, etc. You can use the Settings button to Disable the page or require a selection.

Create a list of sponsorship opportunities or donation options.

Add fields, such as a Waiver, to this page. These fields apply to the entire family that is registering.

Preview - In order to preview your registration form you will need to create a MyLeagueLineup account. This is the same account creation each registrant will need to do.