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Adding Payment Information to An Online Form

If you are procesing payments on your site within your online forms, you can set your fees and descriptions that will appear on your form by following these instructions.

1) Log into your site Administration section
2) Click on the Online Forms menu
3) Click on the "Settings" link next to your form
4) Scroll down on the page and select the checkbox next to "Enable online payment processing"
5) Underneath this, you will first see a large box under "Create a List of Fees". This is where your primary fees and descriptions will be added to the form. You can enter as many as you'd like in this area, and the registrant will be required to select one of these from the list to complete their form.

Individual Registrant Fees

(These fees apply to each form that is completed)
(These fees will be presented in a list format where one can be selected)
Fee Descriptions Fee Amounts
(Add one fee/description per line and make sure each description has a corresponding fee)

6. Next, you will see an area to add optional fees that will display as checkboxes for the registrant to choose from. These are commonly used for secondary fees that you'd like to make available.


Enter '(REQ)' as part of the Fee Description to make that fee required

Fee Description Fee Amount
Other Fee #1
Other Fee #2
Other Fee #3
Other Fee #4
Other Fee #5
Other Fee #6
Other Fee #7
Other Fee #8
Other Fee #9

7. Lastly, you will see options for Group/Family Fees. The Group/Family fee will be added to each family's registration. This will be automatically added as a line item on the summary page after the first registration form is completed. The Group/Family Maximum sets a cap at the amount a family can pay for the version of this form they complete in a single transaction.

Group/Family Fees

(These fees apply once for this group/family)
Group/Family Fee:
Group/Family Fee Title:

Group/Family Maximum Fee:

8. Once you have completed all of these, click on "Save Changes".