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Creating a Custom Site Header

The PRO header is made up of of a header image and a header background image. What usually works best it to place your logo in the background image (off to the left side) and then have a repeatable pattern (such as stripes) comprise the rest of it. Then create a foreground image with your site title text on it, and save it as a GIF with a transparent background.

Upload these two files to your site (select IMAGES as the type on the "File Manager" admin page), then select them as your header images on the "Colors, Fonts, and Backgrounds" admin page, under "Settings".

The images themselves should be in GIF or JPG format and we recommend they be no wider than 900 pixels, and under 100 pixels tall. Be sure to set your Site Width the same as your banner width by going to Settings - Colors, Fonts, and Backgrounds in your administration section.

If you would like us to create a custom header for your site, please send a request to "pro@leaguelineup.com". Be sure to include the site URL, your desired colors, what you want it to say, and any logos or graphics you would like incorporated. Your header should be done within 1-2 weeks of your request, as each header is a custom design.