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Creating Links to Other Web Pages

There are a few ways you can add links to your site:

A) Links Menu (under the More menu)- This is the simplest method. Click on the "Links" admin page (under More), add a new link, then enter the name, URL, and description of your linked site. All of these links will show up on on one page, under "Links".

B) Custom Pages - This allows you to create a link right from your site's navigation menu. Go into the "Menu Setup" admin page (under Settings). Below the main menu options, there are a number of miscellaneous menus that you can customize however you'd like. Rename one of them, add the URL of the site you want to link to, then set the menu to "Enabled".

You can then populate a custom page by going to News - Custom Pages and selecting your custom menu title. There, you would add news articles to that custom page.

C) News Article - You can add clickable links to news items on your site. These links to can be to a website URL or to a file that is on your site. You can add clickable links using these steps:
1) Log into the Administration section

2) Select News
3) Select the menu where your Article appears (Welcome Page, Bulletin Board, Custom Pages)
4) Select an existing News Item or click on "+ New Article" to create an article
5) Within the main text box of the editor, type the text of what you'd like your linked file title to be (such as "Click Here")
6) Once your text is entered, highlight the text that will become your clickable link
7) Once it is highlighted, the "Insert/Edit Link" icon will be enabled within the News Item Editor. You can click on this icon.
8) A popup window will then appear. In this window, you can enter the URL of the site you'd like to link to in the "Link URL" box. Or, if you are adding a file that will be linked to the text, you can click on the browse icon next to the "Link URL" field to select the file to use.
9) Once your selection is made, you can click the Insert button within the popup window, which will return you to your news item
10) You can finish editing your news item and click Save Changes when finished.