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Collecting Data Through Online Forms

If you want to collect information through your site, you can use the online form builder.

You can create forms on the Online Forms admin page.

To setup an online form, follow the steps below:

Click on "+ New Form". There you will have the following options:
-Use a Template (choose from one of our available templates)
-Copy an Existing Form (if you have an existing form on the site, you can make a copy of it)
-Create a Blank Form (start from scratch)

INSTRUCTIONS TO CREATE A BLANK FORM (+New Form - Create a Blank Form):

1. Enter the basic information for your form (Title, Description, etc.) and click "Add Form".

--- Add entry fields/comments (these instructions apply to templates and copied forms as well)---

2. Click the "Fields" link next to the form you created.
3. Click "+ New Field" to add a field/question/comment to the form.
4. Choose the type of field you want to add (it will show a list of field types) and click "Continue".
5. Complete the field and click "Save"
6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for each field to add.

Other Notes (while in the Online Forms admin page):

  • Click "Preview" to preview form and how it will look on your site
  • You can set the order forms will display in on the Online Forms menu of your site by using the arrow icons next to your form in the Online Forms admin page. The arrow icons will also change the order of fields within the "Fields" link next to your form.
  • To publish the form, click the red circle under "Active" next to your form. It will then turn green once it has been activated.
  • Make sure the Online Forms page is enabled on the Settings - Menu Setup admin page.
  • Data collected from your form can be viewed via the "Reports" link next to your form in your Online Forms admin page. There, you can run a report to display online or download into a .CSV file
  • Fees that you would like to make available on your form (if you are set up to collect payments) can be entered via the "Settings" link next to your form in the Online Forms admin page.

Note: If you are using Credit Card Processing, at least one "Field" must be set as a "Key Field". There is a checkbox to enable this setting within each field you create. It is often the Player's name and will be the identifier of your form when looking at your reports.