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Getting Started

All of your site editing is done in the Administration area of your site. You can access this by clicking the red "Administration" button at the bottom of the navigation menu, on the left side of your site. Then enter your ID (the default is "Admin") and administration password to sign in.

After you login, you'll want to use the following menu options:

News - News articles are a primary tool for entering information on your site. They provide you with a word processing interfae to enter text, photos/images, videos, and more. News articles can display on your Welcome Page, Bulletin Board, or in Custom Pages that you create on your site.

Teams - Here, you can set up your divisions, teams, rosters on your site.

Schedules - You can set up schedules, calendars, and display tournaments. You can also create the venues and game officials that can be used in these areas of your site.

Results - Enter results for your games, set up standings and statistics preferences, and use our attendance tracker (Elite Sites) and pitch tracker (baseball sites).

Registration - Set up online registration with our Player Registration System and/or Online Forms options. You can also apply for a Blue Star Pay merchant account to your site for payment processing.

Communication - Add your personnel contact information, send out email messages and text alerts (paid sites only), and manage the site forum and guestbook.

More - Set the administrative accounts on your site, upload files via the File Manager, create and set up Photo Albums, set up your site Sponsors, and more!

Settings - Organize your menus, work on site design options, use our Welcome Page Widgets, and more!