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Working with Team Settings

Menu Path: Teams >> Edit

When adding or editing teams, there are several settings available to determine how the team information is displayed on the site.

You can set the team settings, using these steps:

1) Log into the Administration section

2) Click the Teams menu

3) Select the Division from the Division dropdown box

4) Click the "Edit" link for the team you would edit

5) Edit the appropriate settings

6) Click the Save button

Some of the settings available are:

Division: Select which division this team belongs to.

Team Logo (Standard): Select a logo to display on the team page

Team Logo (Other): Upload a custom logo to display on the team page

Team Photo: Upload a team photo to display on the team page

External Web Site URL: Enter the URL of if the team has its own website, outside of this site

Display Statistics: Check this box if you want statistics to track and display statistics for this team

Non-League/Opponent: Enable this field to EXCLUDE this team from appearing in the Team pages of your web site. This allows you to schedule games against teams outside the scope of your site.

Do Not Display in Standings: Enable this field to prevent this team from appearing in the standings section of your site. Useful for adding playoff games to your site.

Default Team for Site: Enable this field to make this team the default for your site. When visitors enter your site and view team information, this team would appear unless they physically select another team.

Team Listing Sort Order: Teams are normally sorted by name in the team lists on the Teams/Roster page. However, you can change that order by enter a number in this field. The listings will then be sorted by the Team Listing Sort Order and then by Team Name.

Standings Sort Order: Enter a numeric value in this field. This is used to manual alter the standings for tie-breaking purposes. When teams are tied in the standings this field will be used (with an ascending sort) to determine the position in the standings.