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Starting a New Season

Menu Path: Schedules >> Season Reset

You can reset your site for the upcoming season by deleting the schedules, standings and statistics that currently exist on your site.

Alternatively, if you wish to retain last season's statistics, you can rename the divisions for your prior season (under the Divisions Admin Section) and create new ones for the current season. Each division would have its own, separate information that would be enterered and maintained independently of the others on the site.

You can delete data on your site using these steps:

1) Log into the Administration section

2) Click the Schedules menu

3) Click on the Season Reset link

4) Check the box next to any items you want deleted

5) Enter the security code in the available box

6) Click the Delete Button

Note: There is no recovery from this process. Once this information is deleted, it can not be restored. Also, for security purposes, your IP Address will be logged each time a delete is perform on this page.