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Image Resizing and Recommendations

You can upload your photos on the "File Manager" admin page (under the More menu). However, you may need to reduce the size of your pictures before uploading them.

Digital cameras produce images that are far bigger than necessary for displaying on your webpage. They are usually at least 1500x2000 pixels or more, while a good size for web display is around 300x400 pixels (or up to a maximum of 600 wide). These will end up being around 30-100kb after converting to JPEG and will help your site load faster for your visitors.

Most cameras and scanners come with simple image editors that will allow you to scale your pictures down to a manageable size. If you do not have this software, here are some links to free editors available for Windows and Macintosh:

Windows: http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/imageediting/tp/freephotoedw.htm
Mac: http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/imageediting/tp/budgetphotoedm.htm

Once you have your pictures scaled down, use the "File Manager" admin page to upload and make them available for linking. Be sure to select PHOTOS as the file type when uploading. You can then add your pictures to your home page by linking to them with a News Article. You can do this by going to News - Welcome Page in your administration section of your site.

To create a Photo Album, click on "Photo Album" in the Admin area (under the More menu). Use "+ New Photo Album" to create and rename your albums. Then, to add a photo, select the album you want to add it to and click "+ New Photo" (rightmost column heading). You can now select a picture from your uploads folder, give it a title, etc... Click "Save", then "Add New Photo" again until you are done.

You can also add pictures and a bio to each player by clicking "Edit" next to their name on the "Players" admin page (under the Teams menu)