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Placing Photos

You can upload your photos on the "File Manager" admin page (under the More menu). Once you have your pictures uploaded, you can use them in different parts of your site. You can add your pictures to your home page by linking to them with a News Article. This can be done by going to News - Welcome Page in your administration section of your site.

To create a Photo Album, click on "Photo Album" in the Admin area (again under the More menu). Use "+ New Photo Album" to create and rename your albums. Then, to add a photo, select the album you want to add it to and click "+ New Photo" (rightmost column heading). You can now select a picture from your uploads folder, give it a title, etc... Click "Save", then "Add New Photo" again until you are done.

You can also add pictures and a bio to each player by clicking "Edit" next to their name on the "Players" admin page (under the Teams menu).