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Using HTML to Customize a Site

The LeagueLineup interface provides built-in support for various files used on the Internet, such as graphics (.jpg .gif .bmp) and audio (.mp3 .wav .mid). To use files that are not automatically supported, you will need to know a little HTML (the "language" used to create webpages) to place them on your page. This can be entered via the "HTML" icon with the editor of news articles on your site, as well as in the comments or summary field for teams, players, and games.

The actual HTML to be entered depends upon the type of element you are trying to add. For example, some weather sites provide a snippet of HTML code that allows you to display the local weather on your site. This can be copied from their website, and pasted into a News Article on your Welcome Page.

If you want to use a slide show, video, or flash file, you will need to find a website where you can create your slideshow and enter the appropriate HTML for that type of file.