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Setting up Email Forwarding

In order to setup Email Forwarding for your account, you will need to access the Domain Administration web site through the Customer Login section on the following web site:


You should have received an email when your domain was registered containing your password for this site. Once you've accessed the site, following the steps below to setup URL and EMail Forwarding.

To setup EMail Forwarding:

  1. Click the "Additional Services" link (this may be under a "Domains" link)

  2. Click the "Email Services" link

  3. Click the Enable button next to the "E-Mail Forwarding" section

  4. Click the "Mail Control Panel" button at the bottom of the page under E-Mail Forwarding.

  5. Enter the Email address you would like to create in the ALIAS "New Mail Forward Entry" field

  6. Enter the Email address to where you would like this Email forwarded in the "Destination" field.

  7. Click Save/Update