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Using Widgets on your Home Page

You can populate your home page by using any of our widgets. You can access the Widgets administrative page using the following steps.

1) Log into the Administration section
2) Click on the Settings menu
3) Click on the Widgets link

There, you will see a number of different widgets that you can use and enable. You can edit and set up each each widget by clicking on the gear icon to the left of each widget title.

You can also drag and drop each widget so they appear in whatever order you'd like within each column.

The Available Widgets are listed below.

Welcome/Logo Widget

This allows you to set the text that will appear on your home page (such as "Welcome to the Home of Springfield Baseball"), as well as add/upload a site logo.


You can add news articles on your home to display text, images/photos, videos, and more. You can add as many articles as you'd like to this area.

Photo/News Slider

You can add up to 10 images/photos that will appear in a slideshow within this widget. The images can be clickable to a news artilce on your site, or to a specific URL of your choosing.

Upcoming Games

You can display up to 10 days worth of Upcoming Games with this widget. These are pulled directly from information entered in the Schedules section of your site.

Upcoming Events

You can display up to 10 days worth of Upcoming Events with this widget. These are pulled directly from information entered in the Calendar section of your site.

Sponsor Banners

If your site is at the Elite level, you can display sponsor banners with this widget. The banners themselves are created in the Sponsors admin page, but can be set to display on your Welcome Page here.

Instructional Video

Based upon your site's sport selection, this can automatically display the instructional video of the day in that given sport. It is available for Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Wrestling and Volleyball.


This will display links for News Articles marked as a 'Headline' on the News >> Welcome Page >> Headlines admin page


Displays a countdown in Days/Minutes/Hours/Seconds to a specified date of your choosing.

Venue Status

Displays the status of your selected Venues on the Schedules >> Venues >> Venues Status admin page


Displays links to any active and enabled Online Forms and Registration System on the Registration admin page


Displays active Polls setup on the More >> Polls admin page


Displays a daily "In the Bleachers" Cartoon

Fan Shop

Displays images and links to your personal site Fan Shop. Your organization can earn up to 15% on every purchase.


Displays a button with a link to a web page of your choosing. There are also icons available within the widget.


For Pro and Elite sites, it displays a promotion for signing up for Text & Email Alerts sent from your organization if you have them enabled.


Displays a Twitter feed. Copy and paste the HTML code generated from your Twitter account.


Displays a Facebook feed. Copy and paste the code generated from your Facebook account.